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This is the first step in getting Fox Valley Internet's Wireless Internet Access Service. When you submit this form, our system will check if the specified address is in range of one of our access points and notify you of the results. If the address is in range, a Fox Valley Internet representative will contact you using the contact information you specify (home phone, work phone and/or email address).

This availability check is free. There is no obligation to accept the service. Fox Valley Internet respects your privacy and will only share the information you provide on this form with those services and contractors required to determine service availability If you prefer, you may also request service by calling Fox Valley Internet at
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Please note anything special we should know such as a location where the antenna must be mounted, location(s) where the antenna can not be mounted, etc. Note that FCC regulations (http://www.fcc.gov/mb/facts/otard.html) prevent landlords and Homeowners Associations from prohibiting the installation of an antenna for wireless Internet reception as long as the antenna is installed in a location which is considered to be your private space (such as anywhere on a home which you own, the balcony of your apartment, etc.)

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