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Web Design

Fox Valley Internet specializes in professional and affordable web design, web re-design, web hosting and website maintenance for small to medium sized companies. We provide complete Internet solutions, beginning with an initial consultation, then assisting you with the choice of a meaningful and search engine friendly domain name, through the web design process, then to determining your web site hosting needs, thru to web site maintenance on an as-needed basis. We provide the hosting for our clients, which enables us to monitor and maintain your server at all times providing you with a completely worry free Internet experience.

The most effective websites are the ones that deliver outstanding customer experiences – whether it’s by providing relevant information or easy online shopping. Each and every website we develop starts out with a goal of providing value to the customer, and we never lose sight of that goal during the development process.
Our first goal is to bring your visions to life. We spend time learning about your business goals, your target market (the user), and your competition. If you're a small business and you've decided it's time to have a presence on the web, but you haven't known where to start, we're here to help.

Why do you need a Web presence?
  • Generate leads and increase sales.
  • Provide interactive online brochures.
  • Announce special promotions and company news.
  • Reach new markets and expand your business.
  • List your Web site and personalized e-mail address on your business cards and advertising.
  • Get instant feedback from your customers.

  • Why Have a Website? ........................because your customers expect you to have one.

    Having a website is as important and necessary as having a phone number.

    A website enables your business to reach potential and current clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Your site can educate, inform, generate new customers and revenue while you sleep.

    Call us today for more information! 847-742-4623
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