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Web Hosting

Virtual web hosting enables you to have a presence on the Internet without the expense of having a dedicated high-speed connection and server. Your web pages will be available to the world at http://www.yourdomain.com and your e-mail addresses will be user@yourdomain.com, where "yourdomain.com" is the domain name you choose.

If you do not already have a registered domain name, Fox Valley Internet will register your domain name for you. Your domain name can be up to 67 characters long, can include letters, numbers and the dash character (-) and can end in .com, .net or .org. There is a one-time $25.00 domain registration fee for all new domain names. This includes all related Internic and registrar fees.

Virtual web host features:
  • 10 e-mail addresses/aliases
  • 1000MB of disk space
  • Full CGI capability
  • Monthly statistics reports
    Web Hosting ServiceActivationMonthly
    Unix virtual web host$25.00$24.95
    Windows NT virtual web host w/FrontPage® Extensions$25.00$34.95

    Prices quoted are for month-to-month subscriptions. Fox Valley Internet offers a 5% discount for pre-paid 6-month subscriptions and a 10% discount for pre-paid 12-month subscriptions.

    The following virtual web hosting options are available:
    Secure server (SSL)$25.00$15.00
    Database connectivity (Windows NT only)$25.00$5.00
    10 additional e-mail addresses$5.00$10.00
    Fox Valley Internet does not permit unsolicited commercial e-mail. Any such attempts may be aborted and the violators account may be terminated.

    Fox Valley Internet reserves the right to deny and/or terminate service to any individual or organization which, in Fox Valley Internet's opinion, is using or intends to use the service for an illegal purpose.

    For more information, please call 847-742-4623 or e-mail Sales@FoxValley.net

    Use of this service requires acceptance of Fox Valley Internet's Acceptable Use Policy.

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